Is Intrauterine Insemination a safe Procedure?

Infertility has become a widespread reproductive problem in today’s life. According to a recent study, obesity is the dominant cause of impotence in male partner due to which a female is unable to conceive. Other factors by which a female is unable to bear a child are environmental pollutants, genetic reasons, age etc. In IUI process male’s sperm are washed and concentrated sperm are placed in the uterus. This procedure is performed by the doctors when ovary starts releasing one or more eggs for fertilization.

IUI is a safe fertility treatment?

IUI is a gentle process in which thin catheter is passed into the womb through the cervix. This procedure has a great advantage as it involves the direct fertilization hence pregnancy rates are higher compared to any other fertility treatments. According to patients who have taken the treatment from the clinic has given the reviews about Dr Rita Bakshi that she counsels very calmly and discusses the medical treatment in an appreciating and understanding way.

 IUI is offered in following medical Conditions:

  • Cervical scarring or poor cervical mucus production leads to infertility.
  • If a female is taking pregnancy drugs for conception but still due to some reproductive issues are unable to conceive.
  • Many of the times causes of infertility are not known and referred to as unexplained infertility.
  •  Endometriosis is a female reproductive disorder in which tissues line the inside of the uterus – the endometrium grows outside the uterus. It can account for infertility and mild endometriosis also contributes to inability to bear children.
  • If a female is over 40 years with good ovarian reserve IUI treatment is provided to such patients.
  • Male infertility 
  • Ejaculatory problems in males.
  • Use of frozen sperm.




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