Is Puberty the onset of Reproductive age?

Do you know at birth, levels of reproductive hormones are quite high, although they decrease in a few months and are low until puberty? In early puberty, levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone increased, stimulating the production of sex hormones. The increased levels of sex hormones i.e.  estrogen in females result in physical changes, including maturation of the breasts, ovaries, uterus, and vagina. Mostly, these changes seen sequentially during puberty tends to sexual maturity. Infertility treatment in Delhi helps the individuals who are unable to attain reproductive cycle optimally. Puberty is a stage characterized by physiological changes in the body internally and physically. The onset of menstruation is the primary feature of initiation of reproductive functions in females. Environmental factors, hormonal changes are some of the factors contribute to infertility in females.

Puberty is a phase of physiological changes which occurs due to various factors, such as

  • Nutrition and general health:- Delay or early onset of puberty also depend on nutrition.  In the United States, puberty begins earlier due to optimum nutrition as compared to developing countries.
  • Weight: Puberty initiated earlier in girls who are overweight and later in girls who are underweight or malnourished.
  • Genetics: In a research, it has been proved that puberty occurs earlier in girls whose mothers attain puberty earlier in their life.
  • Ethnic group: You would be surprised to know that puberty starts early in blacks ethnic people than compared to Asians and whites.

How to recognize Onset of Puberty?

This is characterized by breast budding, the growth of pubic hair, menarche (first period), the growth of underarm hair, change in body shape etc. The features of puberty vary from person to person due to place, environmental factors In girls, the accumulation of fat in thighs and hips occurs due to puberty.



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