How Pre-eclampsia can be fatal during Pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia is a medical condition arises during pregnancy characterized by high blood Pressure.  Normal blood pressure, when exceeds from 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg) or more than it can lead to the progressive condition of pre-eclampsia.

Signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia include:

  • Proteinuria i.e. excess protein in  urine or a sign of kidney complications
  • Extreme Headache
  • Vision problems such as blurred vision
  • Upper abdominal pain,
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Diminished urine output
  • Thrombocytopenia i.e. low level of platelets
  • Liver functions are impaired
  • Hands, legs are swollen due to accumulation of fluid characterized as oedema
  • Patients suffer from shortness of breath, occurs due to accumulation of  fluid in lungs

Effect of Pre-eclampsia on Pregnancy:

Pregnant females should attend prenatal visits so that blood pressure can be monitored.  It is advisable to consult a doctor on severe headaches, blurred vision, extreme abdominal pain, or shortness of breath. During pregnancy headaches, nausea, vomiting, pain is common so, it becomes difficult to diagnose pre-eclampsia most of the times. So doctors of International fertility Centre advise to consult with a doctor on the onset of these symptoms. According to doctors of International Fertility Centre, the females who are going to become mother for the first time or females who have a family history of pre-eclampsia or obese women are more prone to this dreadful medical condition.

Treatment at International Fertility Centre

About the treatment of pre-eclampsia, doctors of international fertility Centre say that it is decided by close delivery date of females.  If females are near to delivery date, and the child is well developed, doctors advise delivering the baby as soon as possible. Consultation with the dietician is suggested to monitor the dietary intake of patients to control the symptoms and complications pre-eclampsia.

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